L.A. Looks Polish Perfect + Garnier Fructis Pure & Clean Smoothing Cream

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Some time ago I had purchased these 2 products and they did nothing for my hair. I stuck them in the back of my closet.

I unearthed them recently and decided to mix them together. The result was a very creamy, curl pudding consistency. The ratio was about 50:50, maybe a tad more GF Smoothing Cream.

I used it to braid. I moisturized with a butter first, then applied the mix, followed by a touch of fsg to distribute the product.

I really liked the results. I've used it twice with good results. My chief objective is to use the products up as my budget is slim. But since they are both available on the ground and budget friendly, I will definitely repurchase if it keeps working.

Just thought I'd share in case any of you have one or both in your stock. The Polish Perfect seems to mix well with curling creams. I definitely found it worked for me better this way because by itself, nothing happened.
That's great!Glad you found good use for your products.

I used the Garnier gel some time ago.. the smell is a little strong but man did it work good. I stopped buying it because at the time my hair was super long and thick. So that little tube wasn't worth it to me since I needed a lot to cover my hair.

I used the Garnier Cream before.. I thought it was okay. But not worth me buying again. I just used it with Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel (another inexpensive CG friendly gel). And it worked well.

Appreciate you sharing!
I think the GF smoothing cream has too much beeswax, but when mixed with something it acts better. It definitely turned creamy with the Polish Perfect. And the Polish Perfect seems to mix well with other stuff.

Right now, it will be good to just use stuff I already have and get good results. I'll buy again as long as they deliver. And they're both affordable.
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