Shea Radiance

I don't believe there is a thread on this line yet so I'll do 2 in 1. Shea Radiance is coming to Target Aug 16th, and according to their FB page with 3 Target exclusive products. I've been wanting to try this line for so long but never made my way to a Whole Foods. I'll probably go crazy of the 16th of Aug.
Oops the 3 new products are the Herbal Hair Wash, Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, and Co-washing Conditioning Cleanser.
I wonder if the cowash cleanser is worth trying. i didnt like the hair milk
I love the hair milk as a detangler, and the body products, particularly the Ultra Rich Shea Butter Cream, in Chocolate Truffle" are stellar. I usually turn my nose up at "chocolate" scents, because they don't always smell good. This one is rich, and reminds me of the hot cocoa, made with white and dark chocolate, served at Avalon in Detroit.
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Thanks Shawny. I searched a few times times and never saw that thread.

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