Where are some of my favorite posters?

I am intermittently active on this site; particularly when work gets busy. After my last break, I noticed that some of my favorite, regular posters seem to not be active anymore. I am just wondering where the following people went?:

  • SuburbanBushBabe
  • EllePixie (EllyEllyOxenFree)
  • turtles
  • CaliChik
Not that these people have some sort of obligation to regularly post. Just wondering...

Turtles = murrcat
The rest are MIA. Elle maybe lurks for time to time? Haven't seen Cali or SBB in a long while
NVM. I need to be good. So...I shall.
Let's just say that folks leave, but they still lurk. But yeah...Turtles is still with us.
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