Has your hair ever broke a comb?

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I'm not sure what my hair type is (I'm still transitioning- 20 months strong!), but all I remember is how embarrassing it was whenever my mom took me to a hair salon as a child and my hair always ended up breaking someone's comb. Is it feasible to believe that I have type 4 something hair because of this? I get this feeling that I'm a mix of type 4A and type 4B. But is it possible to be a 3C as well? Or is hair type and thickness of hair two completely different things?

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comb , brush , pick.........you name it

ETA my ex's children have type 3 hair... they broke combs and brushes as well

So its not indicative of type 4
I've broken combs, picks and brushes...plenty.

My daughter has thick type 3 hair and she's broken many combs.

...i'm supersonic
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Type 4 here and no broken combs.
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Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
Type 4 that has only broken comb attachments on blow dryers. Everything else survives/survived just fine.

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Awwwww thats sad but i bet looking back at it you can laugh, am i right?
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Not as an adult natural. I haven't broken any combs. I'm not sure why I did. Maybe the combs weren't durable or my hair was combed the wrong way?
Yes, many! It seems that I've learnt to comb my hair properly, so it doesn't happen anymore. I broke combs even with relaxed hair, so it's probably more about technique than hair type. If it was about a hair property, I'd say thickness was a bigger culprit than curl size. My sister never broke combs that I can remember and we have the same hair type except mine is very thick.

Well done for still going at 20 months! *shudders at the thought*
My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

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I have only broken combs on blow dryer attachments, but what really gets me is how many hair clips I have popped out of my head in the midst of sectioning it off for whatever reason.
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Yes many combs have broken in my hair. Mostly when relaxed (regular combs, blow dryer combs, brushes). I used to only buy the combs that said unbreakable on the side. I'm still transitioning as well (haven't broken any in my natural hair ironically) at 13 months post. I started finger detangling like when I'm on the computer or in front of the tv so I think that helps alot. Congrats on 20 months post. That's great
Oh yeah I think I'm a combo like you of 3c/4a/4b so far but really can't tell until all this straight hair is gone
I've broken all types of hair related items.
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Yes: those thin black pocket combs that men used to carry. I can't get them through my hair at all. The teeth are too close together and I think a person needs to be wearing Brill Cream to ease a comb like that through.

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Yes! I break blowdryer combs like its nobodys business! LOL
Type 4 that has only broken comb attachments on blow dryers. Everything else survives/survived just fine.
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I am an Unbreakable comb DESTROYER!!! LoL! I haven't broken one as an adult, but as a kid and a teen I have taken out my share of teeth! Relaxed, and natural. I'll kill a comb.

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I've broken combs, brushes, clips and scrunchies. The scrunchies popping is my worse though, I just hate when I am somewhere that I don't have a backup scrunchie. It's embarrassing when it happens in public bathrooms and I have to hold my hair with my hand until I get to my car, or my room or wherever I have more scrunchies.

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Awwwww thats sad but i bet looking back at it you can laugh, am i right?
Originally Posted by GroYoFro
Haha, yeah. I just remember the first time my mom took me to a salon as a little girl and the lady tried blow drying my hair and combing it with one of those blowdryer combs and it completely flew off and landed in the middle of the floor. She just cursed and kept trying and eventually gave up when it kept breaking off.

Keep in mind, this was a very crowded salon so it was quite embarrassing at the time. This and the fact that people always called me "tender headed" with pity in their voice is probably why I got relaxers for so long. My natural hair texture was always associated with cursing, anger, being a burden, and always having to desperately find someone who was willing to deal with my hair in return for a hefty payment. It feels nice to choose to embrace what caused such a burden as a child

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Just pre cg. I broke a comb. 2a/c
2a canopy with 2b underneath.
Fine hair, low elasticity,
Hair dislikes oil
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I'm now an official card carrying member of the broken combs club. I broke my first ever comb last night. My own fault. Usually detangling isn't too difficult but I've been trying to do the whole finger detangle only for a week or so although I know my hair doesn't get down like that. So when I went to finally use my comb last night the tangles were bad and I snapped that joker in half. It was my favorite too. I might have been upset if I wasn't so proud.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
I consider myself a 4 and I have broken teeth off of one seamless comb and split another (cheap albeit seamless) comb in half once. I think it has to do with various factors. When I'm regularly taking care of my hair, I can finger detangle. When I'm slacking, I can't get a rake through it. Both times, I was not using adequate conditioner, DTs, or paying attention to what my hair needed.

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