need a replacement for cantu coconut curl cream

Hey ladies I hoping someone can help me out. The cantu curl cream is the only curl cream/moisturizer that I've used so far that can clump my waves otherwise i have a stringy mess on my head...not cute. The only 'problem' is that it has petrolatum. I'm CG for the most part and I only shampoo 1-2x a month. Considering I condition and style my hair 3-5 days a week I'm really wary of this building up in my hair so I'm looking for a natural replacement. Honestly it doesn't need to au natural, just not have silicones or any petroleum based ingredients. If possible I would like to get it on the ground but I'm willing to order it. I need it to be under $10 too because I have so much hair I easily go through 12oz of product in a month. I know I know I'm asking a lot FYI there is no whole foods or trader joe's where I live so...yeh...

Products that I've already tried:
all of the shea moisture lines
lustrasilk curl max (think it has a cone)
roots of nature feather whipped and the other one
lets jam custard
CURLS products
Blended Beauty

That's all I can think of right now. TIA!

oh BTW I know i'm 'technically' a 3b but my hair responds better to the products that 3c/4a/4b nobody give me the side eye
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I didn't know Cantu ever made a coconut curl cream. This line is pretty new to me, though. I've just recently started seeing it in our stores here. I use a mix of gel (any kind of gel) and Garnier's leave-in cream. I think they do have silicones in them, though.
I think it came a few months ago. Don't get me wrong this stuff is great and if no one can suggest anything i'm definitely going to keep using it. I'll just start shampooing once a week. This is the only Cantu product I like. the leave-in wasn't bad but it doesn't mix well with other products

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I think if it works stick to it.

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I used it as a moisturizer it was great. And a styling aid.

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