How are the curls in your crown?

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I wonder if the curls in my crown are a different texture naturally (I know a lot of women have a different texture in the crown), or if they look so much nicer than most of the rest of my head because the crown gets the most moisture and least manipulation. I put my hair up or back a lot and the middle (crown) is never dry by the EOD. So the hair there is moisturized all day. And that's where my curls are most defined and least frizzy. OTOH the front is the first to dry out, not to mention it's the area that gets the most tension and frankly abuse. I use a lot of gel to slick my hair back and I've been known to use a boar bristle brush too.

Nature vs nurture, again. lol...For me, I think it's a combination of both.

What about you? Are the curls in your crown different than the rest of your head? If so, why do you think that is?

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My crown is the worst. It is a very loose wave with no shrinkage. It frizzes at the slightest touch. Drives me cray.

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Eff my crown.
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Eff my crown.
Originally Posted by gagirl09

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**sophisticated ignorance, I type my cuss words in cursive**

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The curls in my crown are the ones I wish I had all over my head grrr. The back of my head is always the part that needs more work than the front half which can be super annoying. Only thing I hate about my crown is that my hair has thinned in that area I'm thinkin from when I used to wear sew ins too much.
My crown curl pattern is pretty consistant with the rest of my hair but it is more prone to dryness and tangling. I have to apply more leave in there. Since I have been letting my hair grow I'm not getting as much lift in the crown and I hate that dead zone look so I tease it and even hold me head upside down and gently pull to create height.
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Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
My crown is the weakest part of my hair and is prone to frizz.:/
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My crown is the roughest feeling part of my hair, the first area which would respond to protein (horribly), and ironically is usually one of (if not the) the longest sections of my hair! The curls there seem more like tiny waves and are beautiful if VERY well-moisturized and left alone. Otherwise, I'm saying hello to a frizzy halo mess!
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The curls in my crown are very FINE but the thickest of all my curls. Usually I have to focus on this area the most on wash day to make sure it gets the moisture it needs. My crown makes my hair life 100000x harder. haha.
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The crown of my head is a very different texture than the rest of my hair. It is very apparent when wet or drying. The curls are a loose spiral staircase. I get a lot of tangles in the border between this part of my hair and the rest of my hair.
Eff my crown.
Originally Posted by gagirl09

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I always thought it was crazy when I swore my crown was nearly straight by nature. I'm always told its the weight, which I'm sure has something to do with it but it can't be all. It's SO different than my nape and around my face, there it's tight tiny ringlets. Then the top/back are very loose waves. Especially on the left half

I'm lost on it. Makes me frustrated

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My crown is the worst. It is a very loose wave with no shrinkage. It frizzes at the slightest touch. Drives me cray.

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Originally Posted by Chicago Kinks
this! my crown and kind of the back middle section of my hair is a super frizzy loose wave, even when soaking wet and the rest of my hair is curly. Like wth is u goin thru?
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Eff my crown.
Originally Posted by gagirl09
This. LoL! It's course and a bit rough. Then the front is so thin my fro is like a balancing act. I fluff it out, the front just falls flat. A breeze flattens it! Annoying!

But it could be worse.

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My crown is like the rest of my hair, curly, but it is thin in that area.

My daughter's on the other hand is thick but almost straight all the way from her crown to the front but the back is thick and super coily, shrinky.
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Frizz city. Or this.
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My crown has fine loose curls. Its very easy to work with. The curls are defined no matter what I use. Even leave in conditioner defines this area. The only prob i have with it is its thin. i wish it were thicker but what can you do.
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The hair on my crown is finer, thinner and frizzes more easily. My lower half of my head is the strongest, shiniest, and has the most curl consistency.

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My crown hates me. Its wiry and hard to keep moisturized, its very fragile and will break if you look at it too hard. It frizzes just to piss me off. This is the same problem area from when I was relaxed. I used to get bumps on my scalp in that area but haven't in about a year and a half post big chop. I have no idea what to do with this area. The rest of my hair clumps, spirals/curls nicely, with the top/front being looser.

I'm on the never-ending search to figure out what will help in this area!
I don't understand how it is small waves, not curls. I actually brush it and it lays flat so it hides the coils/curls that are under it. If I wet it, the waves are limp and curl on the end. When it dries, it turns into indistinguishable fuzz. ITA with whoever said "eff" the crown.
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