Redemption!! Hehh!!

The conditioner, that is. I still hate the shampoo. But that conditioner is kick... ASS!!! I don't know how it will feel once I rinse it out, but my hair is so SOFT now!! LoL! If it feels anything like it does now, I'm buying my own bottle!! (This belongs to my stepdaughter) I know Sodium Hydroxide is a "preservative", but I notice my hair feels softer when I use products that contain it. Not "relaxed" or "texturized" per se, but softer and smoother some how. Can't explain it.

N E way, just saying. HEHH is a good lil conditioner.

But the shampoo still sucks.

That is all.

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I think I'll be buying a bottle. my hair was so soft when I rinsed it out! So apparently the conditioner is the business and the shampoo needs to go OUT of business.

😜🍸Sent LIVE from my JPhone 4s using some CurlTalk app. 😜🍸

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