What Natural 'rules' do you break?

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1. I only recently stopped using cones and I'm plotting my return.

2. I detangle dry hair (oiled) hair fairly often.

3. I detangle (with fingers) from root to tip.

4. I use glycerin all year round.

5. I scratch my scalp on wash day.

6. I wind ouchless scrunchies once around for my buns and ponytails instead of not at all.

These are my hair sins.
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You never stop learning...

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I use products that have non water soluble silicones and mineral oil
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I don't seal, most of the time. And I often use the same conditioner for my detangling, rinse out, and leave-in, lol. The products in my sig are for experimentation from the norm.
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I'm still in my building a regimen phase but before (and I do plan to go back to it if these "rules" do nothing for my hair) these are the practices I learned NOT to do but did until recently.

Detangling before washing (I didn't use to saturate my hair in conditioner, I just combed it out dry!)

Not using heat to deep condition (a lot of times I'd keep the conditioner in for a few minutes before rinsing it out)

Not using a leave in conditioner (hey, didn't know what it was until recently )

Using grease a styling aid (yes I would grease my scalp and it did set my hair well, just used a bit too much at times)

Always, always forgetting to moisturize and seal. (didn't learn about it until recently)

My hair didn't suffer from it, it just suffered from the perm I got when I was 16, and when I was younger I never even conditioned. My hair stayed in braids so breakage wasn't really a problem just need to retain length.

I may go back to my old practices though (but will incorporate some of the new practices like conditioning, etc. if it'll help me retain length.

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