Please respond! Exercise & Hair.

Hi there! I have a few concerns when it comes to my hair and exercising. I plan to exercise about 2-3x a week (the day before I cowash and/or the day that i co wash) What I'm worried about is that I might be manipulating my hair too much? Each time I co-wash I plan to detangle my hair with a comb + fingers (mind that I have 4a mostly 4b hair (it's a Twa! ).

Is this too much manipulation?
Any advice would be great

Also, since I'm exercising 2-3x a week, is it best to shampoo once a week instead of every two?
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I wouldn't over due it with the detangling every time, unless your hair really does need it. Also you may put your hair in some flat twists and put in a scunci or head band or tie. Put the back up in a bun and workout that way. You can lightly run the hair under the shower to refresh, or put some witch hazel on a cotton ball and cleanse the scalp that way if you didn't want to continuously wash it from the workouts.
You can cowash as much as you want but I would cut down the detangling to no more than once a week or once every 2 weeks

4b natural
I agree with the above, I just figured out you really dont have to detangle with a comb every time you wash. I very lightly finger detangle any obviously tangled hair as I apply leave in/product.

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