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Hey, some of us may be a little familiar with each other here on NC. But for those who are interested and have Instagram and don't mind having a following & sharing pics through "their eyes/interests" with other curliez, would be cool...mines

So what's YOUR Instagram name?��
*Cleanse: BoBeam, Giovanni Tea-Tree
*Rinse Cond: Herbal Essence HH
*Deep Cond: Deity America (green tub), CRN Algae Hair Mask
*Leave-in's: Soultanicals, Pura Body Naturals, Alikay Naturals Lemon-grass spritz
*Twisting: Obia Naturals TWB, PBN Cupuacu Butter, Camille Rose
*Treatment: Henna/Amla/Cassia/Brahmi
* LCSO Method

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Expect pics of food, nails, hair, and random sights in Europe :P

Shawny is straight up hair and kittie porn
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3c/4aish, high porosity, fine strands,medium density cottony curls.

LOVES: (editing)

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I'm not obsessed: I just LOVE my hair!!

Mines is EricaLakia
I follow back!

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Favorites: Donna Maria SBC
Curl Junkie BO&AC
Shea Moisture CES
Castor Oil
Don't Forget to Dream! ~ Madonna
Twitter: Elakia

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I don't subscribe to 1-4 typing system.
Healthy Hair = Good Hair
So I'm the one requesting folks


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alice_nappyland. I know, so ~creative~ :P

Last relaxer: August 2008
Big Chop: December 2008/January 2009

Blog: Alice in Nappyland

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mines is "Berri_Cherri"
Hair type:
4A/4B(coarse, very thick, dry, and curly)
Big chop 3/27/12
Hair styling products: Shea Moisture(yellow line shampoo n restorative conditioner)

Density: High
porosity: Definitely LOW

@devinmangum not creative but oh well

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Big Chop: 11/25/09
Cottony/fluffy, medium/coarse, high density & porosity
SL - APL - BSB - BSL - MBL - WL - HL
"My hair is a reflection of my personality:
wild, free and beautiful."

Hair Type: S + Z = Crazy Beautiful
Hair Goal: Improve health!! Kill the knots!!!
BSL now
As of 6/24/12: Protective styles for summer
Achieving Curls: Terressentials Mud HAir Wash (the business! Giovanni 50/50 Cndtr (retired) KBN Shealoe LCndtr (on probation) Still perfecting the process.
Shoutout to FLAXSEEDS!!!! YOU ARE the MASTER on FRIZZ!!!


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korkscrewqt - ooooppps I already replied to this post.

I don't subscribe to 1-4 typing system.
Healthy Hair = Good Hair
my blog
Its a beauty, natural hair, food, family, and life all combined into one blog. I took a break from it for awhile but I recently started blogging again and Im addicted!

my tumblr natural inspirations and beauty:


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My instagram: MyCurlyMane

I'll also follow back!
Visit for product reviews and tips - created to inspire other curlies and share stories about naturally curly hair, spirituality, and life’s journey.
  • Conditioner: Herbal Essence Hydralicious
  • Leave-in: Beautiful Textures
  • Oils: Dabur Vatika, pure Coconut Oil, Almond, Jojoba, and JBCO
  • Reliable Stylers: Aloe Vera Gel and Eco Styler Gel
  • Go-to Curly Styles: Wash 'n Gos and Braid-outs

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