Does your hair get mistaken for a wig?

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Somehow, at my school (which is predominantly Asian and White, if that has any relevance), I'm always asked, "Is [your hair] real?"

Well, uh, yeah, it is. And then they give me this look like such hair can't exist. Sheesh.

Fortunately or unfortunately, that usually happens on days where my ringlets don't frizz. Meh.
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Norwegians are a reserved set of people, so no one has asked. However, I had a twist out-fro going on 2 days ago and I experienced this one girl running directly up behind me and started staring intently at it while we stood inline at the check out counter😳. She smiled at me when I was leaving, guess she liked my hair "did"...😊
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No but my wigs get mistaken for my hair. Some people don't know I did the big chop so they say things like "Your hair has gotten sooo long" and "How did you get your hair like that? It looks fabulous!" and "Now is that a permanent color, or can it wash out?"

I wish I could do a twist out now but its too short.
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People ask if my hair is real frequently. I don't know if they think it's a wig or weave, but they don't seem to think it could possibly be mine. It bothers me.
I used to when I had long relaxed hair. It was super thick and healthy-looking. Now that I'm natural, however, people keep asking me if I have a texturizer. Not sure how to feel about that yet, lol.
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*I'm still in the TWA stage, so I get asked what kind of texturizer I use* very often. I get gasps when I say I don't use them lol. The product question usually follows the gasps. Ohh the joys of being natural.
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(Section between the asterisks) Me too!
*BIG CHOP: September 22, 2012*
*Last Relaxer: April 15, 2012*

sometimes and when its flat ironed ppl think its weave i just take it as a compliment though
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No. at least no ones ever said it to my face.
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Yes; Someone at my job once said "Your hair is so pretty--it looks like a wig!"

My own mother did not believe this was my hair until she went through and touched my scalp. She says my hair looks like a wig/weave, ALL the time.

Only when it's straight. Sometimes I get it when I wear a wash and go but "OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" is waaaaayyy more common.
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Yes, I get it all of the time. But I also used to get it when I was relaxed as well.

Haha, so funny...not since I've been natural. Well, one time a few months ago this lady asked "is that your real hair?" but she's the only one.

When I cut my hair in a bob when I was relaxed, the hairdresser's little boy asked, "Is that a wig?" lmao! It really looked like one too but whatever lol.

That's something I like about being natural -- people don't ask me if it's real or not. I used to get it all the time my whole life before I cut it off and started wearing it curly two years ago.
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Lol, it did today:

Decided to rock another twist-out today. I went to Walgreens to make a return, and the cashier (a she) asked me:

"Is that your real hair? I'm sorry the question is weird! But I just have to know! It's so gorgeous."

I thanked her for the compliment (?) and told her that it is my real hair, and that I wasn't offended by the question because it probably looked like a wig to most folks.

We both laughed, and she mentioned how she doesn't see a lot of black women with that much hair(the cashier is black too) so that's why she was unsure.

I ain't mad. I'm proud. B)
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Yup. Either a wig or I added some tracks in.....tis life
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