Hair Rehab! (Breakage advice) Help!

Hi there everyone

I've been natural for about 5 months. Everything's been going fine...until 3 weeks ago when my hair started to break. After washing my hair, my hair would automatically dry up, and when I would comb, it would snap. I tried being as gentle as I could, but whenver I did wash my hair, my hair just wouldn't respond.

I tried doing twists since last week because I heard it was a great way to retain length. It hasn't been working out for me however, because when I untwisted them, (root to ends), breakage came out more than shed hair. This is so frustrating

Can someone please give me advice with the dos and don'ts of twists. I know I can grow my hair, this is just one of those "bummer" stages.

Thank you (:
do your ends have any chemicals on them? if so that could be a weak point.
do you need to clarify it? build up makes my hair break like crazy.
are you using a good moisturizer? if your shampooing a lot and using a sulfate each time that will cause dryness and breakage. i use naptural85 on youtube as a reference a lot when it comes to twist/twist outs.
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Wow! I'm sorry to hear that you're having so much breakage. As sweetmx85 mentioned, you should try clarifying to get rid of build up and moisturizing. Are you using leave-in conditioners and sealing with oil? If your hair isn't lacking moisture, the breakage may be due to protein build up. Yes, there may be many potential culprits at hand!Try each option at a time and see if it'll help.
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Talk to a hair stylist who is a pro with natural or transitioning hair. You also should try Organic Root Stimulator Hair mayo, works great for damaged hair. Try not wash often, possibly every week and half to two weeks, since your hair is very sensitive at this point. You might need a trim also, but consult with a stylist!! Also use hair moisturizer and coconut oil to help detangle hair, try to do two strand braided singles, not to small but not too big. Cover hair at night. Let me know if you have any questions.
Im guessing when you say wash you mean shampoo. If so are you doing a moisture dc after? I absolutely have to dc every time i shampoo.
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