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Hello, I just moved to London in the beginning of September (study abroad) and I'm having a hard time finding places that sell leave in conditioners. Ive had a protective style for the past few weeks and just took my hair out. I've been to Boots and Tesco metro but they only sell rinse out ones. I have not been to a superstore yet but i haven't been able to get there between classes and need a closer alternative. Does anyone know any hair stores in Central London. I live in the Regents Park area by Baker St. station. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!!

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Heya! Try British Curlies. They have a webshop and a forum where you can ask more questions. There are a few threads about high street hair goods. Gidore and Natural Boudoir are two other webshops if you're looking for US stuff.
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My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

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Let me know if you find anything, I'll be studying in London in January!

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