Moving to a new climate...Help?

I'm sort of new to being natural and since I've big chopped I have lived in Southern California, where the humidity is normally between 60 - 80% and I live at sea level. I'll be moving in couple weeks to another state which is more desert like at a high elevation. It's dry there, does anyone have any tips to help keep my hair moisturized especially in the winter? I don't want to suffer from any breakage.

Lots of DCing. I live in a dry climate during the school year and try to DC 1-2 times a week. Also, try to stay away from humectants like glycerin, honey, etc. They will dry your hair up in dry weather. I don't mind using deep conditioners with humectants in them as I end up washing the product out of my hair anyway. But things like leave-ins, moisturizers, stylers, and sealants? Gotta make sure they don't have any humectants.
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