Hard time stretching my hair

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Hello Ladies,

I have to say this first before anything. Thank You for giving me so much information and hair advise!

My problem is that I have 4c neck lenght hair. I have tried to stretch my hair with twists, braids, and bands. My hair gets stretched but my roots are knotted and hard to come. I detangle my hair twice while washing and before I stretch my hair, but I always end up with stretched ends but an afro at the base of my scalp. Is this normal. Please help me with any steps or processes that works to get your roots stretched.

Can you post a picture?

Are you detangling the hair really well, then braiding? Usually when I want to stretch my hair , I finger comb a small section , then take my bootleg brush and slowly brush thru the area and then braid it up.
Can you explain more about your detangling process? Once my hair got a certain length I had to start doing it sections. Also once I complete a section I clip it up to keep initial shrinkage minimal and prevent tangles.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
you should try twisting then bantu knotting with a bobby pin at the roots and make sure your hair is completely dry that can cause your roots to puff up.... or try twisting then flexi rods...check out kandeeloveya's channel on youtube she uses those methods
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@cerendipity, adthomas, and love_jones thank you for your reply. I detangle my hair in small sections with alot of conditioner. I use the knock off denman brush to get through my ends then I try to twist, braid, or band to stretch my hair. I tried the tension method this weekend but I did not like how my twist out looks with the blown out hair. Plus do not want to use too much heat. I just want to stretch out my hair and still achieve the curly look. I never thought of a bantu knot out. I will have to try that and see how it works. I will also check out kandeeloveyahs channel since am a youtube bandit. I will post back this weekend to let yall know how the bantu knot out came out.
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African threading works too.

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African threading works too.

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Originally Posted by deja_vu
same here, i actually wanted to try this but it looks time consuming

Eta: ever tried curlformers

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Hi ladies,

thanks for your replies. I have tried african hair threading but the thread has fallen out especially when i fall asleep.

I did find soemthing that works. I have learned that with my roots need to be stretched further than my ends so, I have tried this process. I have tried the LOC method to keep in the moisture.

I first use a leave in: kinky curly knot to day.
an oil: castor oil
and a cream: blue magic leave in or shea butter.

After that process. I braid the roots of my hair , then twistss the ends and then band my ends so it can set.

I als tried another process. I braided my hair under handed then twiste the ends and pined them away from each other so that they can be stretched.

THese two processes has worked awesome. Currently my camera is filled with pictures but I will get my sim card empty this week to post pics.
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If the threading is falling out, you may not be doing it correctly. That happened to me at first but I asked my mom, (who is from Ivory Coast) for help. She did this on my hair growing up. A tip it's easier and stretches faster when done on damp hair. And the key is to wrap it much closer together and a little tighter when you get to the ends. This is the one of the better tutorials that I've seen:
Threading Tutorial
If I have time I do about 10 and unravel them in reverse order of how I put them in so I can start twisting them. Otherwise I just do about 5 or 6. It gives me the best results. I have 4C hair and some women even ask me if I have a texturized. It may not end up working for you but I think you should give it at least one more shot!

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