My hair porosity

My hair takes forever to dry even though I have a twa. Some products look like they just sit on it. I did a porosity test. The water test but I think it was wrong. My hair sunk to the bottom. Can you tell me what my hair porosity is?
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From what I understand hair that sinks to the bottom is high porosity, another way to tell your hair's porosity is if you take a strand of your hair and move your finger from tip to root. If it's bumpy then its high porosity, if it's smooth then its normal, if its slippery then you have low porosity.

I have friends with high porosity hair and it takes forever for their hair to dry.

Hope this helps.

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I hope my hair is long enough to do it I only have 3.5 inches of hair.
*Curly Girl Method*
Sounds like how my hair "used" to be - I have high porosity hair. I manage it with Roux Porosity Control Shampoo and Corrector Conditioner. It is a God send to my hair in numerous ways. I could never part with the duo of those two products. They are about $10 a bottle for each but they last long because you don't need much in an application. A cheaper, more natural way to control high porosity is to rinse with cold water and to use Apple Cider vinegar rinses as a final rinse. Google and/or visit Youtube for additional info. on managing high porosity hair and it's characteristics so you can be sure that is your porosity level.

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