What are your favorite deep conditioners

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Bask Whiskey Vanilla Soak (balancing)
Curl Junkie Curl Rehab (moisture)
Curl Junkie Repair Me (protein)
I have four that I rotate with every week:

Wk. 1-B.A.S.K. Cacao Bark + Y.A.M Nectar-premixed in a jar

Wk. 2-Curl Junkie Curl Rehab-Gardenia scent

Wk. 3-B.A.S.K. Y.A.M. Nectar + Y.E.S. to Carrots Conditioner-premixed in a bottle

Wk. 4-B.A.S.K. Vanilla Whiskey Reparative Hair Soak-protein
Last texturizer-9/18/08


"Don't look back and ask why, look forward and ask why not!?" - Unk.
Right now my favorite is Shea Moistures Super Fruit Complex 10 in 1 Renewal system. This stuff is bomb! I paint it in my hair on barley
damp hair and cover with a plastic cap for 45 minutes to a few hours, which I do with all my DC. Then I rinse in the shower and when I tell you I didn't even need to detangle, I could run my fingers through my naked hair.. My hair melted like butter and it was super soft and moisturized. It made wash day so much quicker. Give this stuff a try it is awesome!
I need to pay more attention to these things, and deep condition once a week. thats my challenge. Hopefully will help me retain more length, so I can break this plateau, so to speak.

I can't really think of too many deep conditioners that wow me on their own, but I also tend to use them as leave ins more often. (Or don't wash them out after using heat) That may be why.

Purification Masque by SheaMoisture
SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque is good as a heavier leave in/styler. I didnt like it too much on its own, unless I mix it with oils.

I have the Superfruit Complex Masque coming in the mail.

The Aubrey Organics conditioners are oldies but goodies. Although, I recently read something about the company lying about the ingredients and alcohol being in the top bits ? Odd. But I still like the Honeysuckle Rose and the Swimmers Balancing (Protein) conditioners. White Camellia is good too, but it has a very very strong smell, so I definitely rinse that one out.

I like Karens Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask (the one in the tube), but I've been using it as a leave in.
24y/o - 4a - Medium texture - Medium to high Density - Medium to High porosity - Still figuring things out

Low-Poo: SheaMoisture Moisture Retention
No-poo: Terresentials Pure Earth Hair Wash
Cowash: Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle, SheaMoisture Purification Masque
Leave-in: SheaMoisture Restorative, Nature's Gate Hemp
Styler: SheaMoisture Curling Gel Souffle
Deep Condish: Trying out KBB Luscious Locks, SheaMoisture Purification Masque
Oils: Coconut, Jojoba, SM Elixir
Currently I'm in love with Shea Moisture's 10 in 1 Superfruit Complex Hair Mask it's amazing, after about 3-4 uses I noticed a lot less shedding & more shine and my hair felt stronger after just the first use. It smells sooo good too.
I've been using InstaNatural Argan Oil, and DevCurl Heaven In Hair, and ORS Hair Mayo to keep my hair strong and my hair feels and looks a LOT more moisturized. I will stick with these for now
Products I use:
Shampoo: SM JBCO shampoo/ ACV rinses
Cowash: Taliah Waajad Creamy Cowash
Conditioner: Giovanni 50:50/ Giovanni Tea Tree
Leave-in: CJ Curl Assurance/ SM Strengthening Milk
Deep conditioner: EVA Nye/ ORS Hair Mayo
Oils: Apricot oil/ Avocado oil/ Coconut oil

Current (working on) Regimen:
ACV rinses once a month
SLS shampoo and deep condition once a week
Protein treatment: 2x a month
Cowash midweek
Leave-in + oil everyday

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