my hair growth

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It's been a couple of months since my big cut and my hair has grown some

my hair growth-tapatlak_1353396184639.jpg this is a little bit after my big cut in may

my hair growth-photo-2.jpg this is about 9 months after I think I had some growth but shrinkage really sucks not really sure how to stretch my hair outside of using heat which I'm avoiding now I really want my hair to grow because I don't really like how short hair looks on me.

I think my hair type is 4a/4b here are some more pics

my hair growth-photo.jpg (some olive oil and leave in conditioner)

my hair growth-20130125_221111.jpg with conditioner

my hair growth-photo-7.jpg (olive oil and leave in conditioner)

Does my hair look like it's 4a are 4b
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Ooh...super impressive shrinkage! Very nice coils

Looks 4a to me.
Yeah i think I'm a 4a and i have major shrinkage my hair stretches to my shoulders now but i basically still look like i have TWA

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