Can I co if I co? (coconut oil & co-washing)

I'd like to seal my hair with a bit of coconut oil each time I wash it. Is co-washing enough to remove the oil, or will it build up and keep my hair from absorbing water? Would it help if I used a different type of oil? I do use a mild sulfate-free shampoo about once a month.

Info that might be relevant but probably isn't:
My co-wash is Tresemme Naturals Moisture Rich. I'd like to layer the oil over a light leave-in conditioner, and then use a gel over the oil. My hair is 3b, and I don't use heat styling or chemical treatments.
I think you are on the right track. Coconut oil is basically the oil that penetrates in your hair the most and thus strengthens hair. Cowashing should be fine to remove buildup. A sulfate free shampoo (I do this every 2
Weeks and Cowash twice a week) every other week or so should be fine as well. The only thing though is that since coconut oil is a penetrating oil, you may want to consider another less penetrating oil to seal your hair, ie jojoba, sweet almond oil... I myself use coconut oil to prepoo; but jojobas or sweet almond to seal.
Also your order of layering products is perfect. Leavein then oil then gel.
I agree I apply conconut oil to my hair every two days and I have experience no buildup even though I cowash once or twice a week. I shampoo once a month and I have had no problems!
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I "prepoo" w coconut oil before shampooing AND cowashing (because I use it to detangle) and the conditioner gets it out just fine. I think youre okay, but I do regularly shampoo so I personally dont experience buildup.. Just be on the lookout for it.
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