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TheCurlyOne 02-19-2013 01:32 PM

Garden Of Wisdom Product Review!!
I just got my order in from Garden Of WIsdom....and I'm super excited to try them out!

I bought:

Chaulmoogra Butter
Red Palm Oil
Hydrolysed Keratin
Aloe Juice
and I got a free sample of Broccoli Seed Oil

THis company ships SUPER fast, and all of the items were nice and secure. Only thing I didn't like was that the Chaulmoogra butter was in a bottle because it is fairly thick. HOwever this butter is NOT sleep on this. I had never even heard of Chaulmoogra butter before, but this stuff is seriously on my top butter list now. The thickness is that of castor oil....but it absorbs SO well leaving just shine and no greasiness at all.

I plan on making a kertain and MSM spary for growth and then doing a deep treatment with the red palm oil and sealing with the chaulmoogra.

Anyway....anyone else have any experience with this company or Chaulmoogra butter/oil?

hippychic 02-19-2013 02:20 PM

i've always heard great things about them. no never heard of this butter. off to look :)

TheCurlyOne 02-19-2013 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by hippychic (Post 2122776)
i've always heard great things about them. no never heard of this butter. off to look :)

I dont know why I never bought from them in the past! I'm amazed that there is such little info on this oil/butter for HAIR. It reminds me a lot of palm oil/butter as far as the inherent hardness of it, but it will still tech be an oil, the consistency when you first apply reminds me of castor, but it absorbs so well and doesn't "weigh" the hair down. I'm planing on making a buttercreme out of this.

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