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How do you retain your length? I have basically no hair started growing my hair in July and big chopped November. I am starting to see some growth.

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Many folks would protective styling which is great but creating a awesome regime will help with growth. You have to learn your hair first. Low manipulation styles like twist out or braid outs. I do flat twist n curls and they last 5 to 6 days. Also trimming (yep I said it! But you will have if the ends are raggedy.)
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Finger comb. Don't use brushes or combs. Only detangle on wet conditioned hair. Do NOT trim unless split ends. If it ain't broke why fix it. Trimming for growth is a myth unless it is because your ends are split or damaged. I dont like protective styles but I consider my 2 times per week Cowash and refreshing with water and some oil using a spray bottle on no Cowash days a form of protective style. When I refresh I don't really you hair. I only saturate hair and shake hair to loosen curls. I also prepoo with evco mixed with a few drops (2 to 4) essential rosemary oil.
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