Help different curl patterns

So I have 4a/4b hair in the back and sides of my hair and straight/loose wavy hair at the crown. How do I work with this and what styles would look best. My fro and wash n go looks crazy bc my front hair is so straight. It's not heat damage but just my natural curl pattern. Any help or advice would appreciated! Thanks!
Well it's not abnormal to have different patterns. Did you ever think about using a Eco styler gel??? Or trying some braided protective styling? (Bantu knots, twist outs... Etc)
Yes I pretty much just do Bantu knot outs and buns. It helps, but still looks crazy sometimes
FYI, it is very normal to have different hair types.

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You have the same problem I do. I find that twist outs work best. Some times I will use a perm or flexi rod on the ends of the twist in the crown area so that the ends aren't so straight and blend in better. Hope that helps
I have the exact same problem! I thought it was just me! All my friends have beautiful even curls and coils. At first I thought it was heat damage from my leave out when I was transitioning, but since I've did the big chop (march 2013) it's still growing out in a 2c curl pattern. I know what you mean about the wash and go's because it's such a drastic difference, as the bottom and the sides of my hair is 4a. I know I can use rollers to help blend it more with the back, but sometimes I really just want to wash and GO!
Amen SnugB!! Glad to know I'm not the only one!!

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