Twist-out and Wash and go

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Hi Ladies!

What products do you use for twist-out and wash and go.

Thank you so very much!
It depends on the level of hold you want, which effects how long you want/expect the style to keep. I personally use the products for my WnG and TnC. For me it's whatever leave in, coconut/jojoba oil mix, and FOTE Aloe Vera Gel. That gets me 5-7 days of either style. If I'm not caring so much, like over a holiday or weekend, I don't use the gel at all but will go a little heavier on the conditioner. That gets 2-3 days from my look with a lot more volume.

People seem to like the Let's Jam Custard, EcoStyler gels, and Beautiful Textures Pudding. I've never tried them but heard positive things. HTH
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