Eden Bodyworks Jojoba & Monoi Deep conditioner!

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Has anyone tried this? I LOVE this stuff. I used my deep conditioning bonnet with this and OMG, my hair is so soft and shiny. I am really excited for there new line, the "Coconut Shea" line which will include all natural cleansing cowash! What do you guys think about the edenbodyworks line?
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Ive heard that its good. havent tried her line yet

there is a 50% off on the new coconut shea line on the website, it ends tonight at midnight

code is cs50
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The only thing I've tried is the deep cond you mentioned and I really like it too. The on.y negative foe me was that I didn't get immediate slip with this and when I did get slip, it was after adding oil. It really works well as a dc though.
My hair: thick, medium/coarse, high porosity in the crown naturally, normal porosity everywhere else.

Currently using...
Poo: Any sulfate free or low sulfate poo
Rinse out: Tresemme Naturals
Leave-in: Camille Rose Moisture Milk
DC: Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea DC
Stylers: Xtreme Wetline gel
Oils: EVCO
Moisturizer: Oyin Hair Dew/watered down CR Moisture Milk
Sealant: Oyin pomades or JC Nourish and Shine
From this line, that's one product I've gotta try!
*Cleanse: BoBeam, Giovanni Tea-Tree
*Rinse Cond: Herbal Essence HH
*Deep Cond: Deity America (green tub), CRN Algae Hair Mask
*Leave-in's: Soultanicals, Pura Body Naturals, Alikay Naturals Lemon-grass spritz
*Twisting: Obia Naturals TWB, PBN Cupuacu Butter, Camille Rose
*Treatment: Henna/Amla/Cassia/Brahmi
* LCSO Method
I just bought the Jojoba Monoi Conditioner today at WalMart, thinking I could possibly use it as a leave-in...the scent is kinda wonky, but for five bucks a bottle, I'll deal...I'm gonna give it a week and see if it'll be a hit or miss...
It was the first deep conditioner I ever bought for my natural hair journey. I loved it (mainly for its natural ingredients), but somehow, lately, I've gradually seemed to have replaced it with Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Masque. I guess I'm really just trying out as many deep conditioners as possible to see which one is best :x
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