Home remedies for scalp dermatitis

Can ya'll share your home remedies that actually work for scalp derma****. I have a section in the back that is real bad and I want it to go away. I hear monistat works has anyone tried it? Thanks
My scalp and hair took a beating this winter. I suffered from scalp dermatitis and an allergic reaction to hair dye. My hairline suffered the most because it is finer than the rest of my hair.

I used Lamisil. The active ingredient is Terbinafine solution. It helped a lot! I am now using Dragon's Blood soap and Black Jamaican Castor Oil to keep the dermatitis from returning and to help my hair grow back.

Someone posted this link on the thin/thinning hair board: Treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis - May 1, 2000 - American Family Physician
That's where I learned about Lamisil.
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I have seborrheic dermatitis (affects scalp/hairline, eyebrows, around my nose, behind my ears, with flareups at times and other times that it's just regular non-flaky skin)

If it's bad, I'd suggest going to the dermatologist. You can try the ketoconazole shampoo Nizoral which you can get at a drug store--it can be rather drying, so trying to use it on your scalp rather than your hair is best. Right now I use Jason's Natural Dandruff Control, which I got online and works quite well for me. Also, after some research online, I found that application of Coconut Oil is supposed to help--I did that for a while, but stopped, so I can't tell you from my experience how well that actually worked.
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I have been suffering with this BAD. To the point my hair was breaking off something terrible. So when thinking back before I went "natural conscience" I decided to go back to apply Sulfur 8 to the part of my scalp that was killing me. What did first was wash my scalp with ACV, deep condition and then applied the Sulfar 8. I have not had to itch in almost three weeks.

I struggle with this as well. Mine occurs throughout but hairline and behind the ears especially. Tonight while traveling I decided to massage tea tree and jojoba into my scalp. Ill see how it works. Ive been using a da˝druff shampoo that is drying my hair. I'm going back to modified cg and going to try scalp treatments.
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so the tea tree and jojoba really helped for today. I will also say that the aloe vera gel from Trader Joe's set my hair quite nicely. I think I'll continue treating my scalp this way as apart of my weekly steaming regimen with my hair conditioner(which i have slacked on for months). In general what i tried worked so i am happy.
"We Live From the Head Down and Not the Feet Up" ~Donnie
the key to fixing my scalp problems was more frequent washing, not cowashing. also, tea tree products like trader joe's or giovanni were wonderful.
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