My hair type???

Hey ladies Im very very new to this being that I just bc'd last Thursday then cut my hair even shorter on friday... Im thinking my hair is 4a but im not sure... I was also wanting to know if some good inexpensive products to define my curl pattern... Thanks in advance ladies...!!
Products that have gotten good reviews for type 4-coilies:

1. kinky-curly curling custard (pricey but effective)
2. ecostyler krystal [clear] gel -a lot cheaper and has good reviews.
3. softee activator gel
4. longaid activator gel
5. proclaim activator gel

Except for the kccc, they are all reasonably priced, but a lot of coilies use the kinky curly as their go-to product of choice. Maybe the other products are cheap enough to allow for experimenting with all of them...

good luck! HTH.

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