Tresemme Natural conditioner

I'm in need of a leave in conditioner and I heard you could use rinse out conditioner as a leave in as long as it doesn't silicone in it. I want to use Tresemme Naturals as a leave in, but I've heard it cause build up.
I use tresemme naturals as my leave in most of the time. I shampoo my hair weekly so I don't notice build up. I mix the tresemme condish with whatever oil I want (castor or coconut usually or a combo of both). Works well for me. I like it better than store bought leave ins.
This is the only conditioner I use I believe less is more. I starting to find if very hard to find and my usual 2/$7.00. I keep the process very simple. As far as buildup: I co-wash once a week and started to use it every other or every three days. On alternate day I just spray hair with water mixed with aloe vera juice.
I used it today for the first time as a co-wash. I really liked how soft it left my hair. Very nice and silky. I can imagine it would work well as a leave if you apply just a little mixed with a little water.
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You can use a conditioner with cones as a leave in. The cones help with SSKs. It is your choice. Recently I have been loving the flawless curl line for cowash. DC and as a leave in. Good luck!

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I love TRESemmé naturals nourishing moisture conditioners. It conditions well, is very affordable (at 5-10$ for 750/900ml) and readily available on the ground at chemists and grocery stores which makes it a staple of mine. It's hard to find cheap hair products, let alone that work well with dense and/or dry curls, in Australia. I also like the TRESemmé moisture rich conditioner and ORGANIC CARE dry nourish conditioner (paraben free, sulphate free and at 3-4$ per 400ml). Both can be found at the grocery store. I prefer the Organic Care conditioner but they all work fine as leave-ins in small amounts. There are two ways I do it. The first way I simply condition in the shower and partially rinse out. The second way I roughly fill a spray to half capacity with water and add about a third of conditioner and a teaspoon of a desired oil. I the shake to mix and spritz. Just release the inner "mixtress" in you and mix to your desired consistency.

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