Hubby is white and has black man hair... What to do with it?!

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do the aboriginals live in 90,000 sqft mansions?

I've never been to Australia, so I don't know.
Cause that, is more than compensated.
Originally Posted by murrrcat
No but they prob have iphones but without jobs to earn them.
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when will your favs?

Can you provide a picture. I think seeing the texture and length would help
do the aboriginals live in 90,000 sqft mansions?

I've never been to Australia, so I don't know.
Cause that, is more than compensated.
Originally Posted by murrrcat
I doubt it since aboriginals did not even have property rights to the land they lived on until 1992. From what I have read they were still going through a civil rights movement which started in the 1970s.
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Can you provide a picture. I think seeing the texture and length would help
Originally Posted by scrills
I'm also interested to see this white man with black man hair.

Picture please?
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I just joined this site a month ago but are you prone to trolls? This just sounds like a post that was meant to get people all riled up. Myself included when I first read it. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing more ever comes of it.
Thanks to those who helped with my question.

To those who are offended:
For goodness sake I did not mean that they have been paid back for their mistreatment. I said AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. There is no more anyone can do. The past cannot be erased... So all that can be done is for them to be treated as well as possible now. And that's what is happening. I am STRONGLY against the current generation using the past as a hate ticket. A victim mentality will get you absolutely nowhere in life. I have family members who are aboriginal and I am by no means racist. I can see how some native Americans would still feel the way they do. Your government hasn't done much to make it up to you. Not from the documentaries I have seen. But here in Australia, the aboriginals are treated extremely favorably. They get very very cheap rent, they get higher government benefits than any white family does, just because they are aboriginal. They get to go to PRIVATE schooling for FREE while whites have to pay thousands a year if they want to send there kids to the same decent schools. They, if they choose, can live off welfare. So, yes... They have been compensated AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And I disagree that a mansion each would be considered ample payment. A mansion doesn't do much to fix the broken hearts. Trying to give them a better future then we once did certainly does help. And that's what's been done, for a long long time here. So get off your soap box and be careful before you scream out "racist". It's people who think they are owed something eternally that are racist. I did not kill your great great grandma... Someone else did.. And until you can come to terms with that, racism will be an ongoing terrible thing in society. Anyone Hating because of the long past crimes, is just as racist as the racist crimes themselves. It causes more racist crimes. Just look at South Africa at the moment and it'll prove my point.

I have no problem with people of any race whatsoever. I have many aboriginal, African, Chinese, Spanish, Aussie and American friends, all of whom I love and respect. But I won't pretend I owe them anything.

And verlis: no. I have been apart of this curl community for over a year and never had a problem. It wasn't a "trigger" the fact is, I am absolutely not racist... And didn't realize that so many others are so sensitive. Seriously, if "black man hair" ... Plus a perfectly good explanation of my request, is reason to start waving banners, that's just ridiculous.

And yeh, if the native Aussies want iPhones sure they get them just like everyone else. As far as jobs go, they are offered various training, job placement etc, they can go to UNI for almost free. It's rare to see them take up the offer but the offer stands. Which I think is excellent. What I wouldn't give to have my kids go through college for next to nothing.
And I will be posting a photo for those who can help. I'm on my phone but when I get to a laptop and its asking me for a "URL".. I don't even know what that is. Will post within the next few days. Thanks again to all who have great advice!
Please understand where everyone was coming from and myself included. It was shocking to see your comment. Not about black man hair but about aboriginals. I am American so I am looking at it as through our country's past with Native Americans and African Americans. Despite making huge strides in inequality the past and the present just aren't undone. When your entire family is slaughtered or raped for the color of their skin it does something to an entire community of people that not even a mansion or free school can atone for. And thats just for African Americans. Native Americans had not only their land stolen hundreds of years ago but their children actually taken from them and placed in boarding schools forbidden to speak anything but English and forced to convert to Christianity. And both of these situations were common as sand and grass in the 1950s and 60s. I'm not sure about Australia but I feel like its a pretty similar concept. Additionally in America, and Australia I am assuming,minorities were banned from attending the best schools and universities and had next to nothing to inherit in the way of finances from their families. In America schools weren't even integrated until the 60s and someone said something earlier like programs for aboriginals didnt start until the 90s which I'm not sure if its true or not but if it is its sad. But 50 years which isn't even the lifespan of one person doesn't make up for your parents grandparent etc being banned from going to school and therefore having nothing to teach you or having your entire culture eliminated. Nor does an apology which kind as it may be is simply words too little too late. And even today I will once again use America because its what I know we may have an African American president but he is still called the n word publicly in the media like its just common. I don't agree with him on a lot of stuff. I haven't agreed with a lot of leaders but none of them have ever been personally attacked, their policies were attacked but not them and their families. I'm just saying that a few years of education etc means nothing. I know you didn't do it but please imagine how insensitive that can sound. Especially since those racist policies all weren't that long ago and are in living peoples memories ( people around 50 and up). It was just shocking to hear the sacrifices and lives of those people so flippantly discussed.
For the record I would also like to add that my point isn't that anyone is owed anything but that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks they are owed because no amount of money or anything could repair the damage that has already been done. I simply respect their struggles and perseverance.
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BE COURTEOUS. BE TOLERANT. You're about to encounter many new friends in our community, with many new and interesting viewpoints. Please be respectful and tolerant of everyone you meet, even if you disagree with their opinions. Don't use language that is threatening, abusive, harassing, hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable. And don't engage in personal attacks. This includes staff, who work hard to keep our Community a fun spot to visit.

OP, some of your comments seem to show a lack of sensitivity. Whether intentional or not, the damage has been done. It is best to close this thread. You may start another thread with the pics, and those who choose to help you shall do so. Please choose your words carefully.
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