I have every hair type on my head ! Help !!

My hair is absolutely insane, I feel like its completely and utterly confused . After I big chopped, everything was fine, but now that I'm about 5 months natural and my hair is getting longer, my hair has every texture under the sun and I'm just so confused by it all . My temples and sides right above my ears are tight coarse 4c, the entire front up until the crown is thick 4b, the back bottom is silky 4a and right below my crown lies super silky type 1&2 hair ! It's ridiculous ! I've tried to do twist outs and its a disaster ! The 4c hair is never without frizz, the 4b hair curls perfectly and the 1 & 2 hair portion wont even stay in a twist! also when trying new products, some parts of my hair like it while other parts wont agree with those products. & i won't even begin to explain what type of hair lies in my crown area... I'm just frustrated and need some serious ideas ... Can anybody relate?? And I'm wondering if the straight and wavy parts are just scab hair?
I have heard of people having more than one texture but never every variety of straight, wavy, curly and coily in almost equivalent amounts. (Given the info you provided) Yes, it may be scab hair if your roots appear uniform. If that's the case you would need to cut the scab hair off to achieve what you want. Mini chop, big chop, trim ... Whatever you fancy really.

If your roots do not appear similar, I don't know how you co

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