Stress and hair falling out

Hi, I wondering if anyone can help me. Lately I have been under a lot of stress. My hair is break off drastically. I have spot on my head that are way shorter then rest. My hair is all over the place everywhere I look Im pickup pieces of my hair. I know it breakage cause the pieces are tiny and dont have the white bulb at the end. Every strand has a note it. Lately I have been twisting it up and wearing a wig to try to keep my hands out of hair. Is there anyone with any suggestions. Im kinda scared to cut it. Please help!
Sorry to hear that. Observe what is stressing you out and try to counter act it. Also be aware of how you handle and style your hair because that can lead to (spot specific) breakage. Then give yourself some TLC: you'll feel less stressed out and your hair will appreciate it as well. Best of luck!

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