I just did my second BC in April. The first time around I didn't detangle much, and this time I detangle three times a week. Am I detangling to often? My hair does get easily matted, but I want my maximum growth. All advice is welcomed.
You should detangle your hair as much as you feel you need to. If your hair gets matted easily then you should definitely detangle it. If you use your fingers instead of a comb, it'll cause less tension on your hair, which means less hair loss. Just make sure to be gentle with your hair.
Thank you. I think I will cut down and see how that works.
I purchased a tangle tease brush & OMG it's a God send. While using my fingers is great but when dry, my hair looks matted. After getting the brush & using a comb, my hair looks less matted. My hair balls are very small. My detangling session is: fingers, comb, & brush. A detangling leave in spray & a detangler in my sulfate free shampoo help too.
I detangle once a week when if I plan on wearing twists for that particular week, and twice a week if I have my hair out. My hair gets easily matted, like yours, if I leave it out for more than 2-3 days. I think if you're being careful with your detangling process, then the amount of times you detangle in a week shouldn't be an issue.
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Thanks a lot. My hair is very very short and I am unable to finger detangle. Is using just a wide tooth comb bad? I only comb out my twa when conditioner is in it.
Wide tooth combs are fine, much better than using a regular comb or brush.
I love my tangle tease brush. The brissles are wide so no issues there.

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