Cortisone 10 for the scalp?

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***disclaimer: I am not a doctor, only telling my experience.

So the crown of my scalp has been a problem child for a while. So after discovering ACV washes, my scalp was getting better, but when I worked out the irritation returned. After some research, I discovered people using Cortisone 10 for scalp issues with successful regrowth. So I tried it. For 10 days after my workouts no itching for 10 days. I stopped using it for 7 days and still working out. No itching. My hair is growing back and I can workout without the itching. Just sharing for those that this may help.
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The cortisone has an anti-itch properties that may help. It is also a steroid- a similar product may be prescribed for those who have some forms of scalp issues. Mild topical steroids from a doctor may help reduce swelling on the scalp allowing hair to regrow. However there may be negative side effects such as thinning of the scalp over long term use, etc. Since the over the counter skin cortisone is not designed for use on the scalp it may help to double check with a dermatologist.
AS mentioned steroids are commonly use for scalp issues and hair loss. When I developed alopecia areata my doc prescribed me a steroid foam. . Did nothing for my hair loss. Also prescribed a cream for dandruff and itch which did nothing .the foam was regular price more than $300 and Cost me $45 copay so after a few months I quit using it.
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