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socurly625 06-23-2013 11:32 AM

Hair breakage on the right and left
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I have a bad habit of not tieing my hair up at night. Sometimes I lose the only scarf that don't fall of my head of maybe I'm staying the night over one of my friend's house and forget it at home. But when that happens I usually sleep on my silk pillowcase. Now recently I been bleaching and dying my hair. (I have to bleach it first to get my desired color I want.) And that's when it started breaking. I wouldn't bleach it and dye it on the same day not even the same week. But before each one I would moisturize my hair with coconut oil a day or 2 before. And after each one it would deep condition my hair. Why is my hair breaking off?


Attachment 36701

After Bleaching
Attachment 36703

After Coloring
Attachment 36702

You can't see the breakage in the photos because it a small part of my hair that's breaking off. I want to fix the problem before it gets worst

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