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I'm at the end of the road with my hair. I keep cutting my hair because of mid-shaft splits..It looks like a razor has hit my ends and there are holes. I've controlled them a bit by not using glycerin. I stop in February. I'm about 85% sure it was my glycerin mix causing the splits.I live in a desert so glycerin should of been a no no.

It was not any combs, nor heat because I barely use them and I deep conditioning weekly.I have my hair in twists and its not the problem because i started twisting as a way to control my splits. I feel like relaxing again because im tired of my hair.

I've talked to people and they think its extreme dryness.I think i caused the damage by using glycerin in the first place. MY hair has always been naturally dry and glycerine was like making it worse Since its started getting hotter my hair has started to get even more drier. I live in a dry heat climate. I have everthing under the sun and I cant keep it moist. I m&s all the time and I do deep condiotning. I use moisture and protein when needed in my conditioner. I clarify once a month when I start to see build up and I cant do the no cones or curly girl method. It does not work on me, I've tried.

SO I was decided to get a steamer. I've heard plenty of reviews. This one has good reviews but i wanted to know if anyone on here has one. Also any suggestions on keping my hair mosit would be appreciated. Professional Salon Hair Steamer with Rolling Floor Stand Base: Health & Personal Care
or is the one at lclbeauty better. the warranty for the one on amazon is a month and there return policy isn't that great. I wont be able to reply due to work but i will later on tonight.
Have you ever considered deep conditioning overnight?

I had a huetiful steamer (not the one pictured above), but I found steaming really did not provide as much moisture as overnight deep conditioning.
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I overnight condition before cant remember if it worked..ill try it before making a decision. i completely forgot about that..I have tried the homemade steam with a towel once and it worked pretty good..i try that again as well. Sorry if i dont rely after this i have to get to work, about to be late over my hair. lol
I just found out the two steamers are the same but they're different colors. Does anyone else have any reviews or suggestions
I'd suggest a heated conditioning cap. I bought one from a beauty supply for like $21.99 (I'm sure they have them on amazon too) and it plugs in the wall and has 3 heat settings. When I want to DC I use that on low or medium heat for about an hour before bed. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and moisturized.

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