Newly Natural Problem

I transitioned for a year and half, and did the big chop a month ago. It seems like i have alot of textures, but i consider myself a 4a or b, mostly.

The biggest problem that i have now is that my ends are extremely thick. I have tried doing searches on this very thing, and i've come up with nothing. Because of this, i don't get the look i would like to achieve with a twist out or the look i want with chunky twist. Any advice would be very helpful.
I dont understand what you are talking about. Can you elaborate?
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
I don't know how to really describe it. My ends are just thick. Its just thicker than the rest of my hair if i put it in a section to do a two strand twist. I'm newly naturaly, so i expected alot after the big chop, but i ends feel bushy, look bushy and dry, and just thick.
I had that problem when I first bc and still do now that my hair is longer but it's not as bad now. I think what it is is your ends dry quicker so if you're doing a twist out you may have to keep applying water or a moisturizer to your ends. Also castor oil or oyin burnt sugar pomade helps me to smooth my ends. So when you're twisting your hair when you get to the fluffy ends add castor oil or moisturizer or both and smooth your ends as you twist them. Another thing that helps me is keeping my hair stretched by washing in twists. Hope this helps.
OP do you think you may need a trim?

Bushy ends that aren't smoothed by product with a little combing may require trimming and extra care thereafter.

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