Hi, Everyone. I've been looking for a salon that does the Deva Cut on 4a/3c hair in Dallas. I want to get my hair trimmed and shaped dry. I saw that Angela Hicks and Glen Charles have gotten so many great reviews in the stylist area of naturallycurly. My problem is, the salon has no website! And the facebook page is almost empty! I'd like to get an idea of the work the stylists do on curly hair, but there are no examples for me to look at! Only faceless reviews from the salon section of this site. Does anyone know anything about this salon or these two stylists? Have you had your 4a/3c hair cut there?

If you don't know anything about these stylists, can you recommend somewhere else near Dallas? I've been looking at Dear Clark as well, but can't find any reviews on their work for African American curl types.

PS. I was looking into these two salons specifically, because the DevaCurl site listed them as certified Deva trained salons.

Oil- Coconut
Cleanse- Terressentials Hair Wash
Condish- Tresemme Flawless Curls
Stylers- KCKT, Eco Styler Krystal, CJ Pattern Pusha
Detangling- Macadamia Oil No Tangle Brush