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My hair has been the same height since when i transitioned two years ago.i am getting fed up.I thought my hair would be shoulder length by now. Has anyone got any tips for growing hair.
Hi, my guess is that you'll get more responses if you give more details about what you do to you hair ie products used, how much you shampoo, what you do to moisturize, what you do at night etc. Good luck.
You can use castor oil to help your hair grow. But if you have type 4 hair, you may want to stretch your curls so it will look longer. Type 4 hair has maddening shrinkage. My hair is roughly 4 inches long, but shrinks down to 2 inches.
Hey Sis, all of our hair grow but we don't retain length. What I found is we still keep chasing products with out learning what our hair really needs. Which is Moisture, Moisture and More Moisture.

Try the LOC ( Liquid, Oil and then Cream) method for a period of time (I say six month). for cream I use Tresemme Nauturals, yes a conditioner. Its a cream. For Oil, I use Coconut or Olive Oil depending on the look i want.

This is not hard. # one recommendation try something and stick with it for a period of time see what the results are. If its not working switch.

Here are my results just by keeping it simple

The second picture is a very good Hair Day for me
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