Help me with my hair type and tips please!

Let me start by saying I haven't had a perm in 9 months but I did the BC about 4 or 5 months ago. I've been told I had 4a hair. Also 4c. When my hair is not datangled its medium curly with some tight ringlets in the back. Also its veeery dry. I use granier fructis products and dark and lovely au natural products but nothing seems to keep my hair moist after a while. Also how can you tell the porosity of your hair?

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I'm afraid there is no quick fix as you need to do some experimentation.

The main part of this website has all the information in it you need. Have a look under the "Hair Types" section for information on porosity, the "Care" and the "Products" section.

Some of the products you use may have cones in them. This will make your hair dry as cones coat the hair and prevent moisture for penetrating it. (Once you have read and re-read the hair types section you will understand what I mean.)

Also depending on the weather using gel on your hair can dry it out. I would try and avoid using gel until you have worked out how to get your hair moisture level up.

You probably have to use a mixture of protein based products and oil including vegetable based oils like coconut oil, olive oil,curl creams and protein treatments to get those levels up. Though the combination depends on your hair and where you live.

You also need to ensure you eat healthy and exercise regularly. If you feel like you need to take extra vitamins take a multi-vitamin rather than concentrating on taking one particular one unless you are told otherwise by a medical practitioner after a blood test.

It took me about 10 months to work out products I needed for my hair as it grew. I did have a head start as even when I was relaxed I couldn't use anything with cones in it.

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