Need help!

I been natural for 4 months now and I still don't know the right techniques for my hair. I think I'm low porosity because my hair doesn't take moisture. Only the middle of my hair doesn't take moisture. Straight when I get done co washing the middle is dry and the front n back is still wet since my curl pattern is looser at those parts. The middle Is always frizzy, not curly and dry. I tried to loc method and lco method. If I try to apply products it gets frizzy. I tried to apply products on wet, damp and dry hair. I use shea mositure products for thin hair since my hair is thin. One day I can have a great hair day and the next I do the same exact routine and products and it comes out horrible and frizzy..i deep conditon weekly, protein monthly and mositure daily and i just trim my hair..I need help!!...sorry for the long post..this is actually a pretty decent pic compared to how it is but u can c how the middle is frizzy and dry

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Hi. One of the things I've found works for my hair is shaking out the excess water and applying vatika oil (coconut oil) throughout my hair. After that I apply a leave-in and finger comb castor oil in while I twist. It dries beautifully. My hair doesn't like protein treatments directly applied to it so I get my protein via shakes. I also put in a deep conditioner or mask and sit in a steam room/turn on the hot shower and it in the bathroom for 30 minutes. The baggy method does pretty much the same thing though.

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