Tightly curly or curly girl method?

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I'm about a thousand years late but I think the TC method may be better for my curl pattern. The only issue is finding a conditioner without protein, plant extracts or alcohol that's juicy enough to leave in my hair and not give me crispy hair after it drys.

Because I'm low porosity I can't apply my leave in to soaking wet hair. I moisturize when my hair is damp but that disturbs the clumping I achieved after conditioning. This is my problem with CG.

I'm going to begin TC tomorrow. Anybody else TC or have any advice?


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Here are my first try results!

Tightly curly or curly girl method?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1378683041.888588.jpg

Tightly curly or curly girl method?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1378683115.502528.jpg

Tightly curly or curly girl method?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1378683165.139943.jpg

Shrinkage like crazy!! My hair touches my shoulder blade stretched and isn't even shoulder length after it does it's shrink-a-dink magic.

1. Washed with extremely diluted shampoo only because i used gel last week. I use a hair color applicator type bottle to apply it mostly to my roots and sparingly on the rest of my hair.

2. I co-washed with suave naturals everlasting sunshine. Detangled with my denman and put my hair in six huge twists. Sat under the dryer for 30 minutes with it to cater to my low porosity. Guess that's not really co-washing lol.

3. Using yes to carrots as my defining/leave-leave in conditioner. I did the doodling method for defining. Which is twirling each individual curl to enhance your natural curls.

Final thoughts: I like this method.. so far. Im diggin the yes to carrots. The only thing I would do different is in place of doodling to define, I'm probably going to smooth because doodling takes hours and it's too neat looking lol. Tomorrow I'll probably fluff them out a bit, I like my hair a little messy.
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I tried the smoothing & it went pretty quick. But do you braid once your hair is dry or when wet?
It took awhile because I can be a bit of a perfectionist. Lol
That's really neat. Its kind of what I do really even though im closest to a 3A. I've followed the CG as far as switching products but finding some if the techniques like plopping just leave me with a funkier hair pattern. Double conditioning after shampooing Combing my leave in conditioner through, and twisting to define some of my curls before scrunching are techniques that help me get the best curls.
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How time consuming is this?
Curlicious I didn't braid but I'm not sure if you mean the twistys if so, I did them on conditioner drenched hair. If you mean at night, I just put it in 4 ponypuffs and a hair bonnet. About how long did it take you to smooth?

Ashleynicol I hear you, plopping was a disaster for me, I had poodle hair lol. I guess it's about learning to work with YOUR hair and not just trying to follow the method rigidly.

Africana it took me about 4 hours, the longest I've spent doing my own hair and I doubt I'll do it again lol. Smoothing will just have to do from now on.
I think about 40 minutes to an hour. The majority of my hair has very small curls. So that took longer than the parts of my hair that has larger curls. But doing this styling technique I have beautiful curls. I have much more defined curls. When I got up this morning, I didn't have to do anything but put a head band on. With cg, the next morning I have to smooth with gel to tame frizz. No crunch!!!
Plopping doesn't work for me. Plopping will straighten my hair. I tried plopping with an old t-shirt & when I took off the shirt my hair was straight.
I have low porosity hair too. When my hair's soaked down in the shower to get it completely wet (which takes a bit of effort b/c I'm lo-po) I squeeze some of the water out and then apply gobs of conditioner to my hair just smoothing it on. Then I'll let it settle for a bit while I am showering and the hair soaks in the conditioner, from the warmth and steam from the shower. When I'm done I don't end up needing to rinse any out, I just smooth my hand down and the excess water/conditioner comes out and then it's time for gel when I get out.

They describe this technique in the CG book pretty well in the Type 4 chapter, but it took me a while to figure out how to make it work b/c scrunching is for looser curl patterns and tighter curls do better with smoothing. Once I figured that out it was fine.

I have tried the Tightly Curly Method, too. They really are not that different. However a person decides to smooth their hair is just an option, you don't have to do every single curl like Teri does. Some ppl's hair don't need all that to get it defined if their moisture levels are on point. But she has a lot of hair so I get why that works for her. If she used gel, she wouldn't have to do all that though...imo.

I like to take tips from a few different curly hair books/methods and just make my own method. Between Lorraine, Terri, Dickey, and Ouidad, I think I've pretty much figured everything out and what's funny is that their approaches all have much more similarities than differences.
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