Am I doing this right?

I'm about to detangle my TWA and I need help on what I've been doing wrong.

I wash my hair every other sunday. I also co-wash every Wednesday and the Sunday when I don't wash it.

I use SheaMoisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie mixed with Care Free Curl and that's it. I've been experiencing a lot of breakage and stuff. I play with my hair a lot and every time that i do, a hair strand always ends up falling out. I also have a lot of knotted styled-curls.

For styling, I just rub my hair in a circular pattern and call it a day.

Do I need to use other products?
Like what's a sealer, is Care Free curl a sealer or is the Curl enhancing smoothie enough?

For detangiing I use Knot today, and I also have KCCC, but I don't use it because I hate putting it in every other day.

Help! I'll post pics, once I wash it and detangle it.
There are many possible causes for breakage. Some are 1. Your moisture - protein balance could be off, 2. you might de handling your hair too roughly, or 3. too much stress like too tight braids or headband.

I'm guessing 1 or 2 is your problem

For problem 1 you will have to figure out how often you need to do deep treatments and protein treatments for "your hair". Everyone in different. How does your hair handle protein? My hair is protein sensitive so I get enough from using a protein rise out. Too much or too little moisture or protein will cause your hair to break. I can't leave dc in my hair more than 45 of it becomes mushy from overconditioning.

For problem 2 Make sure your hair is wet with plenty of conditioner that has slip. Use wide tooth comb starting at ends. After that I like to go back though with a denman or smaller comb for smaller tangles and smoothing.. You might even let conditioner sit a while before you start to comb to give a chance to soften your hair.

Sealing is locking in the moisture of your leavein with either an oil or butter. Some oils are light some are heavy. Remember hair naturally sheds every day so make sure what you see isn't shed hair.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
Thanks, I just found about the LOC method.

For now, I think I'm going to use the Knot Today and KCCC. And just apply it every 3 days or so.

Then I'll switch to Water mixed with Knot Today or something other liquid-leave-in, than apply an Oil, and layer it with Curl enhancing smoothie.
The curl smoothie is a sealer. You should be able it use it alone to seal your ends.

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