Looking for Product Recs

I am coming to the last of my Ouidad.

I have been trying new products on my own, mostly from the drugstore and I am not happy. I keep going back to my V05.

Can anyone recommend any products that do not have the following ingredients:

1. Shea butter or any kind of butter. I may be able to get away with avocado butter because my hair likes avocado oil. But it seems like everything has shea in it and my hair despises it. I recently tried a shea co wash/cleansing conditioner and my hair looked like hell.

2. Coconut oil. My hair has an interesting relationship with coconut oil. It seems to hate coconut based products. I had a horrible experience with Curls. But if I apply the oil as a single product and stretch my hair - it looks like a blowout. Anything more than that and my hair gets stiff (as in don't touch or comb me bc I like this position or I will break off if you do), hard, greasy, and looks like hell. Kind of like a blow out/press and curl gone really really wrong.

3. Glycerine. I was never able to get the hang of it. I think its the devil and I am staying away from it. Honey and agave nectar seem to be ok.

And is CG friendly?

I hope I am not asking for the impossible. So far I am looking at Kinky Curly's products. Is this the only company?
4a Tailbone

http://members.fotki.com/Prettycurls/about/ pw:curlspretty

Thanks Twiirlygranny. I heard about that product a while back. I will have to research it again. Thanks.
4a Tailbone

http://members.fotki.com/Prettycurls/about/ pw:curlspretty

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