So after the wash... then what?

Hi all

It has been ages since I've been to curltalk but I lurk every now and again. I finally have a question that's been stunting my overall desire to try a new routine.

So I latched on a years ago to the tightly curly method (I know Teri didn't "invent" it, but she is where I learned it from. Seriously I co-wash my hair and then leave conditioner in, style and move on with my life). It's been going well, but I've been wanting to do some new things, but I am incredibly lost about what to do after the wash since I'm so used to slathering on some conditioner and then using the same condish to style.

I guess my question is what do you all do after you wash/co-wash your hair? Do you rinse out your conditioner and then put product in and style? How do you get the max amount of life out of the style, do you moisturize with oil or with the same product you styled with?

I guess it would help to know that I'm really wanting to do more protective styling- for no reason whatsoever really. Just want to have my hair out of my face for a while. I want to have nice two strand twists or box braids, but I don't know if I should stretch my hair before I twist or if I should try to set my braiding on wet product soaked hair...

I know these are silly questions, but I'm really not sure how to break out of the "just use conditioner" mind set.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Love and peace to all!
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After I wash my hair, I rinse out the conditioner completely and apply products (leave-in conditioner, oil and moisturizer). My moisturizer changes depending on the weather (glycerin in cold/dry weather & glycerin-free in warm/humid weather).

It's called the LOC method (LOC Method: The Routine EVERY Curly Should Know - and it really helps with moisture retention and shine.
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What are your hair properties? I get the maximum style out of a wash and go with a hybrid of the tightlycurly method and the curly girl method. I don't really use any of the tightly curly styling methods though, but it is how I realized that I was doing the curly girl method.

My hair is fine textured, and low density- with my curl pattern I have found that I cannot do wet twists and have them look good. I do get the best results for those types of things on old wash and go's. I got a Keracare styling kit for Christmas and used the twisting cream on hair to do flat twists that I had dampened with aloe vera juice and I loved that it held up from Friday until last night. I spritzed with the aloe juice at least once a day and wore my scarf to bed, but they were looking too fuzzy for me to feel comfortable wearing them to work. (I had part lines that were getting undefined.) I also did a braidout with a shea butter mix (shea butter, honey, and oil) under my leave-in conditioner. The braids were shiny fabulous looking and held together very well while braided but looked/felt dry, dirty, and looked un-shiny when I undid them even after putting oil on my hands to take down.

I also have had the best results on my hair now that I don't use oils after styling- putting oil on my hair just leaves it dry/brittle yet oily feeling to the touch; and I have no curl definition. I furthermore can't layer products, but mixing conditioner with gel gives good hold- that was what I had done for my wash and go 2 days before installing the flat twists. I did a deep treatment, rinsed it, and then shampooed it out (I made the mistake of using coconut oil- I had an oily keyboard the next night from touching my hair then typing even doing that). I didn't apply any stylers/conditioner b/c of how my hair felt, but it did ok. By the time I did my flat twists a couple days later my hair wasn't dry but it wasn't oily to the touch either.
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I would not rec braiding soaking wet hair. I'm lp and I know my hair wouldn't dry well but I'm doubtful anyone's hair would. I suggest at least getting your hair to damp before you braid.

I use leave in/moisturize and oil. A styler I may or may not use and which one depends on the weather.
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@Fronomenal - I read up on it and I have just finished my first round of it. Thank you for sharing this info with me!

I still use Aussie as my co/washing brand
I got Nature's Gate Aloe Vera Conditioner for my Leave-in (I apparently still can't grasp reading "leave-in" on a bottle and think that it will work lol, but this is a step!)
For my Oil I got Spectrum Coconut Oil (unrefined)
And for my Cream I got Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream. (I got a sample of the brand's kid leave in. I liked it and wanted to give this a go)

So far so good! My hair is moisturized and has some shine which is what I go for when I'm doing flat twists. I'll post pictures when I get better at it lol right now it's too cold for me to want to keep my hands in my head too long after washing.

@lolo918 - I actually have not had a chance to get into the detail with the properties of my hair yet. I'll have to read up on little ways to check. (I'm telling you the TC method has kept me sooo lazy!) I have found that using EVOO, while very nourishing, leaves my hair wanting more. When I use it my hair feels soft, but 12 hours later it's screaming for help. I wasn't sure if it was because of the oil itself or because it wasn't meshing well with my Aussie Conditioner. Time will tell I guess. Thanks for your hints. I'll start paying more attention to how my hair reacts now that I'm changing things up.

@adthomas - Thanks for the insight. I normally do two strand twists on and they dry pretty quickly. I took your advice and wrung out my hair as well as I could so as to not have sopping wet hair upon braiding. It's turned out quite nicely

Thanks all for your your tips and experiences! I'll give this a couple of weeks and post some pics. Thank you for getting me jump started on the non-lazy curly headed track. Much love!
Confusion in the front/4a in the back and around the sides
Transitioning Natural since March 2005
Complete natural (Last of permed hair trimmed out) May 2008 (1 1/2 inches left)

Co-Wash: (Anything on hand atm)
Leave ins: Aussie Moist
Shampoo: Aussie Moist (only if I end up using gel or something out of the ordinary)
Keeping it krazy simple

My hair history:
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