what do you use on your wiry hair type? i need help

Hi again.

I've been natural for about seven years now. I got sick of blowdrying my hair for 4+ hours at a time. (I have a lot of hair, even when straightened, and it didn't really un-curl for relaxers)

I think my hair would be considered long for these boards. It's about six inches long when dry and fully shrunken. At night, I wrap it into buns which I pin up. I used to do this during the day too, but then I went corporate, so I'm wearing a curly ponytail puff. I found the buns to be really fun when it was shorter, because then I could sleep on them and wake up in the morning, retwist, and go.

Oh, and as to products, I've actually taken to the lemon juice rinsing method in the "home remedies" section- but I only mix half a lemon with the conditioner so that it doesn't dry me out. Lemon juice makes my hair shiner, cleans my scalp, and makes it easier to detangle. I've also had good results with coconut milk. My hair doesn't like silicones, waxes, or anything that coats it. If I use anything like that, products start sitting on top of my hair and refusing to soak in.

But yeah- check out the home remedies on this site- they can be a lot cheaper and more effective than products.
thanks for the reply! it sounds like you definitely have ALOT of hair. my goal is shoulder length hair when unstraightened.

i just discovered the homemade recipe board a few days ago, and i have been lurking there and reading through all the posts to find good recipes. thanks for the lemon conditioner tip; i have some lemon juice that i use for clarifying, and i might add a little tonight to my conditioner and see how it turns out
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I have wiry 3c/4a hair, and modified-CG has been the best thing for my hair.

I usually co-wash with Suave Tropical Coconut or V05 Chamomile Tea Therapy.

Curls products have been my staple for good hair days (Quenched Moisturizer followed by Spiral Curls Cream).

Hair is soft, shiny, full with out looking crazy, and my curls look great.
A little bit of everything on this head...
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