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Hello all! so i've been natural for years now and recently i'm having trouble styling my hair…can anyone recommend a hair gel that holds like eco styler gel but does not contain glycerin. I need to be able to finger coil some sections of my hair with the gel because some of my hair doesn't hold a curl very well even after applying gel, basically they are more wavy/coarse sections of my hair, and i find finger coiling those sections really helps. I like how thick ecostyler is and how heavy it is, the light gels usually don't work for me. I had a lot of great results with Kiss my Face upper Management gel but since the formula has changed i haven't tried it, because my hair doesn't respond well to glycerin. If anyone could list some recommendations that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
The only one I can think of, is elasta qp feels like silk design gel.
However, I think it's hold is lighter than eco, so it might not be that effective, but it is glycerin free.

I'm also not sure if they still sell this, since I haven't been to a bss in a while.
Glycerin Free Products - CurlMart

maybe this can help. I use 4naturals custard in th. It is glycerin free but maybe too light for you. I also use fsg which can be made thick or thin.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
Super wet plus gel holds exactly like ecostyler but without the glycerine or protein. Its one of my favorites.
does curl junkie pattern pusha give a good hold? i know its glycerin free

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