Any advice welcome on detangling fine hair daily

SO I have a twa 5 inches or so and I co wash daily. I know other people do this but I'm wondering if I should be DETANGLING every day or only on my wash day once a week. I have fine 3c/mostly 4a
Hair. Any advice is great!!
I would detangle only on wash day. I don't think it is healthy to do daily detangling sessions on your hair.
See a lot of people were saying detangling reduces damage and tangles but DAILY....i think you're right
If you're cowashing daily, I'd think you'd have to detangle, though, right? I mean, whenever I cowash, I always need to detangle just the same way as I do on a day when I shampoo and condition. Maybe try cowashing every other day? The reason I say that, is I think doing it daily might be too much manipulation.

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YES I was thinking that as well...i feel like I'm just supposed to detangle because I'm cowashing....i like to wet my hair daily...maybe I could just wet it and not co wash...not touch it at all and co wash every other day.
Yeah that's a good idea . I'd try that for sure. It has worked for me. I used to wash my hair daily, but since I discovered this site and learned more techniques and everything, I only wash it every 3 days, so it has helped with dryness and it's just easier to not have to wash it so much. Good luck with whatever you try

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THANKS. YoU've been a great help

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No problem, and good luck

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