Incorrect BBC News Story Please Complain

I would have posted this on the Hall of Shame board but I thought I would get more traction here.

The story here is about a braider in St Louis who suddenly requires a licence to braid type 4 hair but none of the courses she is suppose to do to qualify for the licence actually cover any topics on type 4 hair. The story is here Sisterlocks struggle: Stylists want fewer restrictions to braid hair - BBC News

While it is good to highlight the stupid standards of regulators, in this case the Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examination, the issue I have with this story is this:

hundreds of tiny locks that allow women with coarse, tightly-wound hair to wear almost any style
The story is deliberately perpetuating the myth that the majority of black people with afro type hair particularly type 4 have coarse hair - the majority don't.

I'm just asking other posters to contact the BBC on this form - link to tell them that the story is in accurate and why.
Thanks for the link to the form. I sent my complaint in.
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Yeah most people with type 4 hair call their hair coarse whether it is or not because they don't know the definition.

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