I admit I'm someone who likes to try out natural techniques for caring for natural hair because my hair tends to gravitate that way. Not long ago it was rice water (which I still but but mainly for my dry skin) and now I'm on to ghee. Ghee is clarified Butter and an extremely old and well know hair treatment in Ethiopia. I heard it can smell funky but what I buy is made by a woman from India and smells fine. There is a site you can order it on line where it's made specific for hair and the company says no weird smell.

I am a long time prepooer and this is my best prepoo ever. My hair improves in health, hydration and luster as I continue to use it. Now in experimenting I did try it as a dc after shampoo and don't recommend it. Conditioner was not strong enough to really get it out and my hair was greasy until I shampooed again. I mix my some ghee with EVOO then comb it through my dry hair in sections. Pin it up. Plastic cap. Hooded dryer on high for 15 to 20 minutes. Then shampoo. Then I use a rinse out and I'm good. Leave in then the regular drill. I have had no need to use dc after shampooAnd I have been at it like two months so no one time success story I'm telling you about. Those Ethiopian ladies knew what is up with this. I'm a weekly shampooer but if you are a mostly cowasher warning this may leave your hair greasy. Bumble and Bumble has a similar prepoo product that a Butter and works well but imo ghee is better and more reasonably priced.

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Thanks for the advice - never heard of it before, but could give it a try!

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