I mixed up my own concotion

Well, I was curious about making my own daily conditioner. So, today before i went to school i ran around the house looking for conditioners and moisturizers and what not, and what I did was mix some oil that I forgot completely about. It had oils like sunflower seed, jojoba, and some other names that i can't remember right now, lol; Infusium, Ojon (it's a liquid hair volumizer, plus it has conditoners in it), and water. Put it into a spray bottle, and decided to use it on my hair when i wake up in the mornings to revitalize it. I used it today and it made my hair really shiny, my curls popped out, and it was soft to the touch, but i don't know if this is a good mix or not. But I'm trying it. What do you all think about this mix? Does it sound promising...or a bad thing to do?
It sounds fine to me, you have to go with whatever works for your hair. If you like the results....continue to use it. In a week or less of using it I'm sure your hair will let you know if it likes the combo.

Hair Type: small 3c patch in the center, mostly 4a with a patch of 4b at my temples
Shampoo: Suave daily clarifying ( when I feel that need)
Conditioners: AOHSR, MM, olive oil
Styler/Leave-in: SheaMoisture, Fantasia IC, HNS
Sounds good! I did something similar this weekend and sat under the dryer. If your hair likes it, then I say go for it... happy mixing!
4a/4b... at this point, Henna has to be my friend, cause I've tried EVERYTHING else!!

Henna, Afro Detangler, KBB hair cream, Vitamin E oil, Qhemet AOHC, AND no more letting my hair dry curly... darn knots are driving me crazy!!


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