Shampooing Your Hair

When you shampoo do you section or shampoo your hair all at once? Do you use pre-shampoo treatments. I've never done a pre-shampoo treatment but I'm interested in doing one.
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pre shampoo treatments are an all day day/weekend type activitiy. I do them maybe every other month because the whole process takes so dang long.
For my regular shampoos I use elucence or devabrown no poo or I mix curlisto's chocolate shampoo with some conditioner. There are a few good ones out there that I discover from time to time, but I think for laziness sake, I keep going back to the same usual suspects.

I dont have enough hair to make sectioning worthwile. I just take my time and rinse thoroughly
I have recently taken up shampooing again since I have been getting my hair cornrowed and I really just wash my scalp. I dont really section off. I just go at it all at once.
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For a serious shampoo, poo or no, I section in fours. If I'm just rinsing through to re-wet for styling, I sometimes work with just two sections - hair divided down the middle. Because I have 65-70% shrinkage in some areas and my hair is fairly long, sectioning is essential for me to clean the scalp without having a gang of tangles.

I used to do hot oil treatments before shampooing as part of my routine. I have'nt done any pre-shampoo anythings in a good while but I've been thinking of trying one by J.F. Lazartigue.
Since my BC was just last month, I can just run the shampoo through. I'll either use Kemi Oyl Moyst No Soap Shampoo or Paves No Sulfates Allowed.

ETA: I do prepoo treatments when I actually have time to do them. >.< I need to get back into the habit of doing them with my weekly wash.
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I shampoo in sections, usually 6.

I do pre-shampoo tmts sometimes. This can be in the form of a hot (warm) oil tmt or a regular conditioner or honey+avocado.
My hair is thick, so when I do use shampoo I probably should section but I just don't have that kind of time in my life. I make sure I rinse well, and that's about it for me.
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I shampoo all the hair at once. I detangle my hair during the shampoo phase.
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when i prepoo, i do it overnight cos i dont have all day for it. and i also just did my BC so i just shampoo everything all at once
I go for it all at once because I detangle separately after deep conditioning. At the shampoo phase of my weekly routine, detangling isn't on the menu.
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I've got thick hair...I shampoo all at one, but detangle in sections with conditioner-laden hair.

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